Out of respect, ‘Allah’ should be spelled with a capital ‘A’

Throughout this blog I refer to Allah with a capital ‘A’, but not for the same reason that Christians refer to God with a capital ‘G’. I was always taught at school that God (the Christian deity) was capitalised out of reverence, whilst ‘god’ lower case referred to any of the others, like the Egyptian and Greek ones.

Allah is not capitalised in the original language of Islam, Arabic, because in Arabic there are no capital letters. The only reason that I choose to write it with an ‘A’ is that, in English, Allah is a proper noun, and proper nouns should be written with a capital letter; it is just convention.

So if you write ‘allah’, I won’t be offended by your lack of respect for my god, but I will be annoyed by your disregard for the traditions of my language.

Do you capitalise Allah when you write English? Your comment will be deleted if you don’t…

2 thoughts on “Out of respect, ‘Allah’ should be spelled with a capital ‘A’”

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