Muslims can drink alcohol, but they should not

I think I might have found a loophole

Everyone it seems, whether Muslim or not, has their own ideas about the laws of Islam. But one of the things that everyone knows is that Muslims can’t drink alcohol, right?

Well, technically that’s not true.

A Muslim can drink if they want to.

In fact, Muslims always have a choice in everything that they do whether praying, fasting, or eating pork.

Muslims can even murder if they like.

Say that again?

Following Islam does not stop a person doing anything, in exactly the same way that British law does not physically prevent crime. Rape, robbery and fraud happens every day in this country even though they are all illegal.

The point of Islam, like any legal system, is to modify human behavior in order to prevent harm, whether to the individual or others.

One beer won’t hurt?

It’s true that alcohol in small quantities causes minimal harm to the human body. But it is also true that alcohol causes enormous harm in our society.

Think about the street fights, car accidents, and vandalism that happen as a direct result of alcohol. Think about the homelessness, the marriage breakdowns, the domestic violence, and the depression caused by alcohol. Think about all the people, as you read this, who are dying, yellow and bloated, because of alcohol-induced liver failure.

Alcohol costs Britain billions of pounds each year, and infinitely more in human suffering.

So whilst Muslims can drink alcohol if they wish, they should understand why Islam teaches them that they should not.

2 thoughts on “Muslims can drink alcohol, but they should not”

  1. The Zahiri Madhab forbade wines and a drink made of barley (whisky) but not all types of alcoholic beverage.

    I find this a handy piece of information when inviting alcoholics to Islam.

    Another one is of course that God is happy when people become even weak Muslims who drink alcohol etc, because they are taking steps towards Him.


    1. Those Muslims the ones believes alcoholic is haram is wrong. On Quran doesn’t says alcohol is haram it says if you unable to control your self don’t come near prayer. It’s on about alcohol. Effective of alcohol shows only if you drink too much but if you don’t then you are fine as person never drinks alcohol. My dad reads Quran the one translated into Turkish and he didn’t seen anywhere says alcohol is haram. I think when Muslims saw on Quran says if you unable to control your self don’t come near prayer they didn’t anderstand what that means so for that they thought it means alcohol is haram. Quran doesn’t likes it those who reads Quran but doesn’t anderstands it. Me and my family are Muslim from Antalya, Turkey. My dad always said to me before to anderstand something you have to use your mind but properly.


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