No alcohol safe to drink, global study confirms – BBC News

Muslims everywhere are saying “I told you so” this morning.

A large study has been published in the Lancet which looked at the health and drinking habits of hundreds of thousands of people globally and found that even one drink a day increased the chances of developing an alcohol-related health problem.

This is not really a surprise: alcohol is directly toxic to human cells.

The study found that the more that people drink the higher their risk of ill-health increases, which makes sense.

The research shows that on average British people consume three alcoholic drinks a day. This, of course, takes into account non-drinkers so it is clear that people are drinking a hell of lot. This may be why alcohol costs our economy £52 billion a year.

As a result of this study the government will need to review its advice on safe alcohol use, which currently stands at 14 units a week for both men and women.


As ever, it seems, Islam is more than just a religion – it is a public health campaign.

via No alcohol safe to drink, global study confirms – BBC News


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