“Every Thing Is Haram!” (Kullu Shay Haram) – by Andrew Ramsey

Most converts have encountered someone like this along the way…


Kullu shay haram!

What would a convert’s experience be without having encountered the ‘haram police’?

Let me set the scene:

You are not even a year past your shahadah. You walk into a masjid wearing the latest jeans, a hooded top and sporting a flat top hair cut with a fade. So far so good. You sit down minding your own business, taking in the atmosphere of your new worshipping grounds…then it happens!


A brother approaches. Little to your knowledge he’s been meaning to approach you ever since you entered (yeah, he was watching for that long). He’s slim, tall and wearing a long white thawb with a Chinese collar.  You greet him with salam. He salams you back. He proceeds to sit by you with his legs crossed.  Here come the initial superficial questions: your name, where you’re from etc. You know, the small talk that sets up for…

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