I am Paul, a 31-year-old, white, British Muslim-convert from Manchester. I am a father of two, a husband, and a doctor.

This blog does not attempt to promote Islam. My goal here is to support a better understanding of what it means to be a Muslim and ultimately help to bridge the divide between Muslim communities and wider British society.

The opinions expressed on this blog are just that – opinions – anything that you read here does not necessarily represent my point of view at this moment in time because I am prone to changing my mind when new information comes to light; after all I used to be a staunch atheist and now I am proud to call myself a Muslim.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading something here and will share it with your friends if you do. Your comments, criticisms and compliments are welcome – how else can I learn?

As my son looks a million times cooler than me in a denim jacket, here is a picture of him instead of me:

My son